Protecting Gas Consumers from Price Volatility in Emergencies

APGA members have invested significant resources into their infrastructure, as well as fuel procurement, and are committed to working with stakeholders to further these efforts. As policies make the electric grid more reliant on intermittent resources, natural gas will have an important role to play as a generation balancing fuel at times when the sun is not shining, and the wind is not blowing. At the same time, natural gas will continue to play an effective and critical role through direct use, as the production and delivery of natural gas into homes and buildings is three times more efficient than grid-delivered electricity. Due to the developing role of natural gas as a quickly dispatchable fuel to meet electric generation needs while still meeting traditional direct use needs, a central disconnect currently exists between the gas and power markets.

APGA represents not-for-profit natural gas utilities that are owned and operated by their communities. We believe the natural gas infrastructure system overall should be reliable.

APGA encourages policymakers to take a holistic approach to gas-electric harmonization to increase reliability of the natural gas infrastructure system for all end users, including but not limited to public gas utilities, investor-owned gas utilities, industrial customers, and the power system. 

Reasonable Gas-Electric Harmonization

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Effective Pipeline Permitting Reforms

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Constructive Policies Supporting Natural Gas Production

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