APGA Salary Survey

The 2020 APGA Salary Survey is Now Closed

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020 Salary Survey. The survey is now closed, and participating members should have received a copy of the results. If you did not participate but wish to purchase a copy of the results please contact Simon Cook of APGA staff by email at scook@apga.org.

This was the first year of the revamped salary survey. Both management and non-management salaries were collected, job titles were updated to more accurately reflect the positions of municipal gas system employees, and only actual salaries were requested—minimum and maximum salaries were eliminated to reduce confusion and simplify the results.

This new format helped increase participation and will be the format used going forward. In addition, the salary survey will be conducted every other year—the next survey will take place in 2022.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Simon Cook at (202) 930-6720 or scook@apga.org.


Participating APGA members will receive a free copy of the survey results.

Other ways you can obtain a copy:
  • Non-Participating APGA members can purchase a copy for $150.
  • Participating Non-members can purchase a copy for $250.
  • Non-Participating, Non-members may purchase the results for $500.00.


Questions or need help with the salary survey? Please email Simon Cook at scook@apga.org