APGA Salary Survey

The 2018 APGA Management Salary Survey is now closed

Thank you to everyone who participated.

APGA conducts annual salary surveys, and in 2018 focused on management personnel working for public gas systems. Member systems completed the survey on October 26, 2018.

The success of this survey depends on the number of responses we receive, so the assistance of our members in taking time to complete this survey is greatly appreciated. The results of the survey will be categorized based on gas system size.

A list of positions descriptions is available for reference here. Not all positions included on this survey will match yours exactly since each system has different job titles for different functions. Therefore, you must evaluate where your system’s job positions fit into these categories.

Participating APGA members will receive a free copy of the survey results. Non‐Participating APGA members can purchase a copy for $150. Participating non‐members can purchase a copy for $250. Non‐Participating, non‐members may purchase the summary for $500.00.

2017 APGA Non-Management Salary Survey  

The 2017 APGA Non-Management Survey is now available for download. It is $150 for APGA members and $500 for non-APGA members. 


If you are an APGA member and participated in the survey you should have received a free copy. Contact APGA if you need another copy of your salary survey.