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APGA is pleased to partner with Blue Otter Solutions to offer a cost-effective, turnkey program that makes staying compliant an economical and viable option for any service area. The GOAL Program helps you gain insight and knowledge that makes managing your utility’s growth and development easier.

ALL gas utilities are required to have a written Public Awareness Plan. Within your utility’s plan, you will need informational and educational assessment programs and measurements of the effectiveness of these programs. APGA has developed, and made available to its members, the GOAL Program and model Public Safety plans. While Blue Otter Solutions is administering GOAL, their team also has a variety of programs to meet Safety Plan needs. Let our cost-effective and fully compliant safety programs and the GOAL survey do the work for you!

APGA GOAL (GAS OVERALL AWARENESS LEVEL) PROGRAM is your tool for measuring safety-awareness effectiveness as required by Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) Regulations 49 CFR 192.616 and American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practice RP 1162 by periodically surveying both customers and non-customers about its pipelines, safety and the safe use of natural gas. Through static questions, the survey measures the performance of your utility’s safety awareness plan, compared over the years and nationally, while customizable questions let you focus on specific issues of importance to your utility.

PHMSA REQUIRES MEASUREMENTS of your compliance. The uniqueness of the OPS regulation lies in the utility’s requirement to communicate their safety awareness plans with both customers and non-customers, the entire affected area, and measure whether their safety messages are being received and show improvement from year-to-year in the awareness and understanding of those key safety messages. It is now a requirement to assess your outreach efforts and your audiences’ knowledge and changes in behavior on a regular basis. The GOAL Program fulfills this requirement.

COST EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT, the core of the GOAL Program is a state-of-the art, computerized market research calling tool. This proven technology achieves the levels required by PHMSA at a fraction of the cost and time of other techniques, such as mailed questionnaires or live agents.

APGA GOAL WORKS by polling customers and non-customers in your area to determine their gas safety knowledge:

  • A computerized call is made to a qualified phone list covering your service area.
  • Call recipients are asked a series of questions that benchmarks their current knowledge and provides educational information.
  • Data gathered in real time are formulated into a final report, designed to meet all compliance requirements, and sent to you.
  • Follow up surveys and reporting are conducted periodically to measure any changes in knowledge and behaviors, as required by PHMSA regulations.
  • Annually, you will receive National Average data enabling you to comparatively rate your performance – comparisons are not possible in single utility studies.

PROGRAMS ARE CUSTOMIZED to determine the specific calling universe and other unique requirements for your survey. Blue Otter’s team has developed efficient and cost effective solutions to:

  • Avoid callbacks.
  • Deliver Public Safety Awareness Announcements.
  • Add additional questions to the survey for other measurement needs.

THE COST OF THE APGA-GOAL program is determined by how many customer and non-customer phone numbers are included in the survey. APGA members pay only 34c per phone number, while non-members pay 54c. A utility can simply survey a sampling of their affected area or use the survey and PSA announcements as a cost-effective part of their annual safety communications and contact everyone.

YOU GET STRATEGIC PARTNERS IN APGA AND BLUE OTTER SOLUTIONS. The Blue Otter team has been serving utilities in this capacity for several years as well as developing effective marketing and communication programs for small to Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years.

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