APGA SIF SHRIMP Program & Integrity Management

APGA's Security and Integrity Foundation (SIF) has put together SHRIMP - which stands for “Simple, Handy, Risk-based Integrity Management Plan.” It is an online tool that operators of gas distribution systems may use to create a written Distribution Integrity Management Plan (DIMP).

SHRIMP produces a complete, written DIMP plan customized for the specific needs of the user. It is much more than a model plan. It is more like Turbo-Tax, which asks questions about a user’s finances and creates an income tax return ready to sign and submit. SHRIMP asks questions about the user’s distribution infrastructure and creates a written DIMP plan ready to implement.

The SIF is thrilled to announce that the SIF SHRIMP tool moved to a new platform on February 2022. Watch a webinar recording to hear about the new features and how to navigate the new interface. All finalized data and plans from the existing platform were migrated over to the new platform. The approach to threat evaluation and risk modeling has remained unchanged.

To learn more about SHRIMP please visit the SHRIMP page on the APGA Security and Integrity Foundation's website.