APGA Benchmarking Tool

APGA Benchmarking

The APGA Benchmarking Module is now available for APGA members at http://benchmark.apga.org

This web-based module allows an APGA member to compare their system with national averages or self-defined peer groups on more than 60 different operational statistics such as leaks per mile of main by cause, MCF sales by type of customer, and damages per excavation ticket. It also allows a system to filter responses by:

  • State or a group of states
  • System type such as municipal and investor-owned
  • Miles of main
  • Numbers of services

Data for the benchmarks includes the most recent data available and comes from PHMSA Distribution Annual Reports (Form 7100.1-1), Energy Information Administration (EIA) Form 176, and APGA surveys.

In order to use the APGA Benchmarking Module, please go to http://benchmark.apga.org and sign in with your APGA username and password. Select your utility and press 'VIEW' to see the results. From that screen, you can apply any filter to customize your results and download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with the results. A system can also request to permit or restrict access to this module for any other utility employees.

The APGA Benchmarking Module was created to better assist our member utilities in knowing how they compare against national statistics and the use of the tool is included with their APGA membership.

APGA Benchmarking Tool Users' Guide

To download the APGA Benchmarking Tool Users' Guide, please click here.

Test Drive the APGA Benchmarking Tool 

At the moment, the Benchmarking Tool is exclusively for APGA members. However, if you are curious about the Benchmark Tool, we have set up a demo account for non-members to test out the tool. Please go to benchmark.apga.org with the username demo@apga.org and password Demo123456! to demo the tool.

Note: The demo account will be a randomized set of data, and the national averages have been scrambled to protect the integrity of our data. You have full access to the filters, customizing the output, and viewing the interface.

For questions on the APGA Benchmarking Module, please contact Erin Kurilla at ekurilla@apga.org  or 202-464-2742.