Encouraging Effective Reliability and Cybersecurity Policies

APGA members recognize the importance of ensuring their customers have reliable access to energy, which requires taking proactive steps to ensure their infrastructure is protected from cyberattacks and physical threats. In fact, natural gas service disruptions are rare. On average, only 1 in 800 natural gas customers experience an unplanned outage in any given year. In comparison, electric system customers experience an average of one unplanned outage per year per customer. As well, gas distribution pipelines are well-regulated by multiple agencies responsible for ensuring both safety and reliability.

APGA supports first, enhancing existing regulators’ capabilities and then, if needed, develop additional regulation, ensuring that with any action there is coordination amongst government partners at the federal and state level, which allows for an efficient partnership with public gas utilities. APGA believes effective polices include: 

  1. Flexibility and Scalability in Achieving Performance Objectives
  2. Appropriateness and Harmonization of Reporting Requirements 
  3. Bi-directional Information Sharing 
  4. Confirmation of Information Protection

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