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APGA has many publications for its members to be educated on the latest developments in federal policy, the city- and community-owned utility industry, and the energy industry. Below you can peruse APGA's quarterly magazine THE SOURCE, our monthly Public Gas News newsletter, our weekly e-newsletter, the weekly General Counsel Report, and our press releases.



THE SOURCE is APGA's quarterly magazine that delivers timely information and analysis on energy issues and policies that will impact customers served by community-owned natural gas utilities.  From safety to the price end-users pay, from available natural gas supply to appliance efficiency, from climate change to the carbon footprint of communities served by natural gas utilities, our goal is to keep readers current on issues that impact community-owned natural gas systems and offer ideas to improve overall system operations. For questions on THE SOURCE, please contact the editor, Audrey Casey at acasey@apga.org

Offered in hardcopy and electronic versions to our subscribers, click here to subscribe and view past issues. APGA has partnered with award-winning Naylor, LLC to publish THE SOURCE. Please read the SOURCE's advertising media kit. If you are interested in advertising opportunities in THE SOURCE please contact Jacqueline McIllwain at (352) 333-3360 or via email at jmcillwain@naylor.com.


APGA's monthly flagship publication is the only definitive source of news that specifically affects public natural gas systems.



APGA's Thursday weekly e-news roundup about APGA activities and that week's gas industry news items sent to employees of member systems. Are you an APGA member and would like to be added to the Weekly Update subscription list? Email Audrey Casey at acasey@apga.org.


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The City of Mesa is a great place to work! In addition to competitive salaries, the City also has a generous amount of other benefits available. For more information, please see our website:  http://mesaaz.gov/benefits/   Gas Technical Services Supervisor ($80,994.92 - $118,664.00 Annually)   The Gas Technical Services Supervisor is responsible for the more technical aspects of gas system construction and natural gas distribution system maintenance including but not limited to corrosion control, leak search, Abnormal Operating Conditions (AOC) mitigation, training, and staff development for the more technical aspects of the gas distribution system, ...
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The APGA Research Foundation (RF) presented the 2021 Distinguished Service Award to Don Suarez from Pensacola Energy in Florida during the APGA Annual Conference in Santa Ana Pueblo, N.M. This award recognizes Don’s contribution to natural gas research, development, and commercialization. Pensacola is a long-time contributor to the RF and Don has served in various leadership roles, including Chairman of the RF Board. The APGA Research Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation that collects and allocates voluntary dollars to research & development (R&D) projects important to public gas customers. Every RF contributor has a voice in how their R&D ...


The APGA General Counsel's report on industry news.

Press Releases & Statements

APGA's press releases highlighting APGA comments, letters, news and activities.