House Passes Bipartisan Bills to Protect Gas Stoves

By Joshua St.Pierre posted 06-15-2023 12:19 PM


This week, the House passed two bills that would prevent efforts from the Biden Administration to restrict the sale of gas cooking products. Both bills were bipartisan with more than 25 Democrats joining Republicans on each bill to ensure consumer energy choice. These pieces of legislation prevent the regulatory assaults on gas-cooking products that would significantly impact the direct use of natural gas, which APGA members advocate for, confirming that their customers around the country can choose gas-cooking products. 

H.R. 1615, the “Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act” introduced by Representative Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) would prohibit the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) from using any federal funds to ban gas stoves. Armstrong introduced this bill after members of the CPSC indicated that the agency was considering a future ban on gas stoves, referring to them as a “hidden hazard.” H.R. 1615 passed a vote of the full House 248-180 with support from a total of 29 Democrats. 

H.R. 1640, the “Save Our Gas Stoves Act” introduced by Representative Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) would prevent the Department of Energy (DOE) from finalizing a proposed rule that would expand energy efficiency regulations on gas stoves that would essentially regulate away an estimated 96% of the gas stoves currently on the market in the U.S. APGA has engaged members in the House on the importance of this bill to our APGA system members. APGA also previously sent a letter of support to leadership of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce encouraging them to pass the legislation out of committee. H.R. 1640 passed a vote of the full House 249-181 also with support from 29 Democrats. 

These bills face an uphill battle in the Senate as they would need 60 votes to make it to the President’s Desk. In which case President Biden would undoubtedly exercise his veto power. Regardless, these bills send a strong message that Americans value their right to choose what cooking product best suits their needs. 

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