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APGA Advocates for Continued Safe Use of Gas Appliances 

01-11-2023 03:28 PM

APGA Advocates for Continued Safe Use of Gas Appliances

Washington, D.C. (January 11, 2023) – The American Public Gas Association (APGA), representing more than 730 local, municipally and community owned natural gas systems in 38 states, issued the following statement in response to recent discussion of indoor air quality associated with natural gas cooking:

“Like other past research, the recent International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health study fails to accurately characterize the indoor air quality impact of natural gas cooking. The study did not test gas appliances in real-life scenarios or compare them to emissions from other cooking sources. All cooking releases emissions; therefore, APGA supports a standardized benchmark analysis of the impact on indoor air quality when cooking with proper ventilation on an electric, gas or propane appliance. Without a direct comparison, the public’s understanding of indoor air quality is skewed, and consumer safety cannot be accurately assessed across all product classes. Those citing flawed and biased studies as the basis for eliminating consumer choice of appliances are attempting to force mandated electrification upon American consumers. This approach discounts the many benefits that the direct use of natural gas provides.

APGA’s members are committed to our customers’ health and safety. APGA routinely works with our members to educate the public about the safety of natural gas cooking, and advocates for proper ventilation and that gas appliances meet regulatory standards.

Those participating in the vigorous public debate on this issue should not lose sight of the fact that millions of American households and businesses trust the direct use of natural gas for its reliability, affordability and efficiency. While the Consumer Product Safety Commission has long maintained that natural gas stoves pose no significant safety risks to our members’ customers, we look forward to engaging in public comment and discussing any proposed rules or regulations — which we hope will be based on sound science.”

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