Excellence in Environmental Stewardship Award

This award recognizes an APGA public gas system member that demonstrates excellence in their commitment to environmental stewardship.

The Environmental Task Group will be responsible for reviewing and judging the applications for the award. 2022 was the inaugural year for this award. We look forward to your submissions!

Award Criteria

This award's criteria is based upon an APGA public gas system member’s commitment to continuously improve practices and maintain their infrastructure to minimize greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas distribution systems, as well as plan for the use of new fuels, such as RNG and hydrogen, specifically their actions to:

  1. Enhancing leak detection and repair programs through utilization of new technologies;
  2. Replacing aging infrastructure that is known to have a higher probability of leaks;
  3. Further educating and supporting third-party damage prevention activities;
  4. Promoting energy efficiency programs;
  5. Incorporating best practices for methane emission mitigation at metering and regulation stations and city gate stations where appropriate and feasible;
  6. Tracking or reporting greenhouse gas emissions as required under the EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program;
  7. Incorporating best practices and innovative technologies for methane emission mitigation during pipeline blowdowns where appropriate and feasible;
  8. Evaluating and participating in the activities encouraged by voluntary programs intended to reduce methane emissions, such as EPA’s Natural Gas STAR and Methane Challenges Programs or the ONE Future Coalition.
  9. Evaluating and incorporating low or no-carbon energy sources, such as RNG and hydrogen, in supply portfolios when available and feasible; and
  10. Investing in research, development, and deployment of emission mitigation, natural gas delivery, efficient end-use technologies, and the use of new fuels when effective.