Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS)

What is Pipeline Safety?

In 2015 during the aftermath of several significant large pipeline incidents and at the recommendation of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, the pipeline industry came together to develop a safety management framework for pipelines. The goal of this framework was to further assist pipeline operators to achieve the ultimate goal of zero incidents. The result of this effort was the publication of the American Petroleum Institute’s Recommended Practice 1173, titled: Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS).

In our industry, an incident on any of our systems can potentially impact every operator in the country. With this in mind, APGA’s Operations & Safety Committee recently developed the APGA Commitment to Pipeline Safety (View). As APGA members we must be committed to continuous improvement in all areas of pipeline safety.

APGA's Commitment to Pipeline Safety

How Can You Get Started?

The APGA PSMS Task Group and Energy Worldnet have collaborated to provide  PSMS Planning / Gap Analysis Tool for Small Operators (View). This is a self-assessment tool intended to introduce users to the elements of API RP 1173, while helping identify potential areas for improvement. 

Note: The planning tool responses are based on an informal survey and are for general information only. The information represents an unaudited compilation of survey responses and is a depiction of the responders perception of the survey questions.  The aggregation of survey responses is not intended to dictate a system’s official practices or procedures. Anyone using these results should rely on his or her own independent judgment or, as appropriate, seek the advice of a competent professional, including legal advice, based on your system’s specific facts and circumstances.  References to work practices, products, or vendors do not imply an opinion or endorsement by APGA or a responding system. The tool is proprietary to APGA and Energy Worldnet and is intended only to be used by APGA members as an implementation tool for Pipeline Safety Management Systems. Individual results should not be shared with external stakeholders.

Need Help? Ask an APGA Associate Member!

Many APGA Associate members offer PSMS services and solutions! To learn more, please contact:

Campos EPC, LLC
/ Mary Campos/ Phone: 949-637-0129/ Email Address: MARY.CAMPOS@CAMPOSEPC.COM /WWW.CAMPOSEPC.COM

G2 Integrated Solutions
/ Al Giordano / Phone: (713) 260-4007 / Email Address: al.giordano@g2-is.com

Energy Worldnet
/ Steve Allen / Phone: 855-396-5267 / Email Address: steve.allen@energyworldnet.com
Be sure to ask about Energy Worldnet’s Tracer, which is a compliance solution for equipment and linked to an effective PSMS. Jim Schauer / Phone: 855-460-7410 / Email Address: JIM.SCHAUER@ENERGYWORLDNET.COM / https://www.energyworldnet.com/tracer/

NOVARA GeoSolutions
/ Matthew Thomas & Jay Lucas / Email Address:  info@novarageo.com

RCP Inc.
 Jessica Foley / Email Address: jfoley@rcp.com / Phone: (832) 255-7809 / Website: https://rcp.com/pipeline-safety-management-systems/

Southern Cathodic Protection Company / John Piazza / Phone: (404) 312-3794 / Email Address:  john@cathodicprotection.com

Southern Cross / Jody Boyles / Phone: (919) 799-3701 / Email Address: Jboyles@southerncrosscorp.com 

PSMS Resources

Pipeline Safety Management System: Start at the Beginning Webinar (APGA Members Only)

Watch Video

Management of Change Webinar (APGA Members Only)

Watch Video

For more information about PSMS, please visit www.pipelinesms.org