APGA PSMS Virtual Series

This three-part workshop series will guide participants through their first steps along their Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS) journey. Each series offering is limited to only ten member systems in order to allow for extensive collaboration and discussion. To maximize the value of this program, participants will be asked to perform some preparatory activities prior to each workshop session.

During the series, systems will deepen their understanding of PSMS principles, perform a PSMS gap analysis, identify actions to address gaps and enhance safety at their system, and develop metrics to evaluate the benefits of PSMS at their system.

Those that participate and engage in all parts of the workshop series will:

  1. Understand PSMS and its elements
  2. Complete a PSMS gap analysis designed specifically for APGA’s membership
  3. Hear other public gas system’s solutions for PSMS gaps
  4. Develop an action plan and prioritizing for gaps identified
  5. Begin developing Performance Indicators for your system’s PSMS journey

What to Expect

  • Each series consists of three 2 hour virtual meeting sessions
  • The sessions will be held 4 weeks apart.
  • Registration cut-off allows for the necessary time to do the pre-work.


APGA PSMS Virtual Series

Each workshop series will be limited to 10 systems, and those 10 systems will stay together for all 3 sessions in the workshop. More than one person per system can participate with a limit of 3-viewers/screens/etc. 

APGA has completed its 2021-22 PSMS Virtual Workshop Series schedule. Please email ekurilla@apga.org if you have any interest about attending future PSMS workshops.


Please email ekurilla@apga.org if you have any questions or interest about attending a 2021 PSMS workshop series.