APGA Comments on NFPA 715

By Sydney Novoa posted 16 days ago

On May 30, APGA submitted comments pertaining to the Standard for the Installation of Fuel Gases Detection and Warning Equipment, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 715.  APGA’s utility members prioritize the safety of their customers, and codes and standards are one critical way to support customer safety. However, the proposed revisions to this standard did not necessarily further that goal.  Specifically, APGA was concerned with the proposed language in NFPA 715 because it wrongly requires that each gas appliance needs its own fuel gas detector. 
APGA submitted comments containing proposed language to two sections of NFPA 715: and In both sections, APGA proposed language that states when multiple appliances are near each other, only one detector shall be installed per grouping of appliances if the detector is centrally installed within the group. This will allow for flexibility in installing detectors, as opposed to a rigid and, possibly, burdensome requirement. APGA contends that their suggested changes will resolve the flawed requirement of one detector per appliance.
NFPA requires comments to be submitted through an online portal, but the APGA input has been copied and pasted to a document that can be read by clicking here.
APGA will continue to work on this issue and will inform members of any future NFPA actions on NFPA 715. For questions on this article, please contact Sydney Novoa of APGA by phone at 202-464-0834 or email at