APGA Supports Proposed South Carolina Energy Legislation

By Sydney Freed posted 03-21-2024 01:28 PM

On March 18, APGA submitted a letter to the South Carolina House of Representatives’ Labor, Commerce, and Industry (LCI) Committee in support of their South Carolina Ten-Year Energy Transformation Act (H.5118).  APGA’s members in South Carolina and across the U.S. understand the value of natural gas and community-owned gas utilities.  Energy supplied by public gas utilities is essential to South Carolina’s households and businesses. Provisions in H.5118 will continue to protect the use of natural gas, especially by streamlining the processes for constructing and maintaining new energy infrastructure. This legislation effectively balances energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. 
APGA’s letter supporting H.5118 highlights the invaluable role of community owned gas utilities as they ensure energy resiliency and urges the state to protect the continued utilization of natural gas and pipeline infrastructure. The letter also emphasizes that natural gas is the key component in maintaining energy affordability, especially when addressing social equity concerns posed by household energy burdens.  
To see what was submitted, click here.  
APGA will continue to work on this bill and other energy legislation with our utilities in the state of South Carolina, as well as with like-minded coalitions like the Carolinas Natural Gas Coalition. APGA will update members with developments.  
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