APGA Presents at CLA-FCL Colorado Spring National Conference

By Stuart Saulters posted 05-23-2024 09:12 AM


On May 16, APGA staff presented to the Community Leaders of America and the Forum for Community Leaders (CLA-FCL). The conversation started with identifying that both CLA-FCL and APGA have aligned policy goals. We all want access to efficient, affordable, and reliable energy, and there are opportunities to collaborate. CLA-FCL members include Republican mayors, city councilmembers, and county leaders, many of which are officials in communities served by a community-owned utility.  

There was specific discussion on APGA’s resources that these leaders are welcome to use in conversations with their constituents. As well, an issue that might be forthcoming is adoption of restrictive building codes that could limit the ability to use efficient and reliable gas-fired appliances in a home or business. There was conversation encouraging these local leaders to be aware of concerning building codes, as they are considered for adoption at the state or municipal level. APGA staff also highlighted the Natural Gas Distribution Infrastructure Safety and Modernization Grant Program. This is an opportunity communities should take advantage of if they aren’t already. Other federal programs are available, too, and APGA is happy to work with CLA-FCL leaders to be sure their community-owned utilities know of these opportunities. 

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