APGA Submits Testimony to NY Legislature

By Stuart Saulters posted 05-19-2022 09:33 AM

Last week, APGA submitted written testimony for the May 12 public hearing on All-Electric Buildings, which was conducted by the New York Assembly Committees on Energy, Governmental Operations, and Environmental Conservation, and the Assembly Climate Change Work Group. This submission builds on the public comment APGA sent to respond to New York's draft scoping plan that was developed by the state’s Climate Action Council. APGA staff worked with the public gas utilities in New York on both inputs to the Assembly and the Climate Action Council.

The policies are taking similar approaches in mandating electrification for all buildings. By engaging the New York policymakers, APGA urges recognition that every APGA member is a good steward of the environment, evidenced by the way they maintain and operate their utilities. Natural gas has been a big driver behind the declines in carbon emissions in New York and the country, and the existing pipeline infrastructure should continue to play an integral role in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Also, natural gas can provide energy affordably and reliably to New York’s residents and all Americans. The direction of the Assembly and the Climate Action Council is concerning. There will be negative impacts to energy infrastructure and natural gas customers if all-electric building requirements are implemented. Additionally, New Yorkers will miss out on opportunities to keep the valuable public utility workforce employed and effectively utilize the infrastructure they operate.

To see APGA’s comments, click here.

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