APGA Participates in Build Out Live Stream

By Stuart Saulters posted 14 days ago

On Wednesday, APGA staff joined Jim Kunkle, the host of “Build-Out,” which is streamed live weekly on LinkedIn and other social media. This interview allowed for a dynamic conversation, titled “Government Relations 101 For Companies & Organizations.” The topics discussed ranged from why government relations is important, as well as advocacy best practices. APGA staff highlighted that elected officials want to hear from their constituents, such as public natural gas utility employees, and we all have the Constitutional “right to petition.” It is thus important to seize this opportunity. If speaking to elected officials, one should take time to prepare, so a request can be made concisely and articulately. Also, it is important spend time learning background information on the elected official being engaged, especially his or her role in the legislative process. There was also discussion on regulatory advocacy, such as submitting comments, which is equally important. For those planning to participate in APGA’s upcoming Legislative Summit, listening to a recording of this Live Stream may be beneficial and can be found here.

While a unique medium, this Live Stream is a great chance to detail the meaningful work of APGA members. APGA appreciates Jim for including the trade association.

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