APGA Presents at September PGCG Meeting

By Stuart Saulters posted 09-23-2021 12:09 PM

On September 23, APGA staff presented to the Process Gas Consumers Group (PGCG).  This national trade association is made up of industrial consumers who need natural gas for their operations. PGCG works to promote coordinated, rational, and consistent federal and state policies relating to natural gas and its transportation and have allied with APGA on many issues, one of which is reforming Section 5 of the Natural Gas Act.  As large consumers of natural gas, PGCG appreciates APGA’s advocacy priorities, specifically the efforts to provide parity between the Federal Power Act and the Natural Gas Act, through Section 5 reform, giving the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) similar ability to hear complaints and issue refunds for “unjust and unreasonable” natural gas transmission rates. In addition, an overall legislative outlook was covered with the PGCG, including discussion on current debates in Congress regarding budget reconciliation, such as the troubling proposed methane emissions fee. The costs incurred from this will trickle down to both APGA members and large gas users.

PGCG members represent a broad cross-section of U.S. industry, especially in terms of products produced, including metals, cars, textiles, chemicals, glass, fertilizer, and other manufactured products. It is critical that natural gas continue to be part of PGCG member operations to ensure they can continue to provide the products Americans need. Plus, these companies provide millions of jobs and benefit the economy here in the U.S.  APGA staff believes it is constructive to represent APGA members before these natural gas value chain stakeholders and will continue to do so to maintain a partnership and preserve the environmental and economic benefits of natural gas to American industry. 

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