Public Gas Systems Are Important Stakeholders for FERC’s New OPP to Engage

By Renée Lani posted 13 days ago

On April 23, APGA submitted comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in response to its request for feedback on the role and structure of the soon-to-be established Office of Public Participation (OPP). Through the comments, APGA explained the strong connection between public gas systems and their communities, including how both are impacted by FERC’s decisions, making them important public stakeholders that the OPP must engage during relevant FERC proceedings.

For decades, APGA members have relied on APGA to be the voice at FERC in broad-reaching FERC proceedings, but through its authorization of the OPP, Congress has recognized value in direct public input from these communities. In addition to explaining the interconnectivity of APGA members and their communities, including the value provided, APGA requests that public natural gas systems be included in all public participation opportunities accorded by the OPP to any other public participant. APGA also expressed hope that the OPP would be established as a neutral office intended to provide education to all public stakeholders, and integrates into the already robust processes of FERC without adding any new undue delays.

A copy of the comments is available here.

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