APGA RF Webinar with Chris Moore

By Michael Todd Brady posted 18 days ago

Chris Moore, PhD, and Program Manager for the Center for Methane Research (CMR), will be presenting an APGA Research Foundation (RF) webinar on March 29 at 11:00 AM ET. He will explain the research being done through CMR and the impacts it has across the natural gas industry. This webinar is open to all APGA member systems.

The CMR collects and analyzes existing data on methane emission trends and atmospheric concentration levels. It also facilitates and conducts new scientific investigations, with an emphasis on atmospheric methane concentration and chemistry as well as methane radiative physics.

The strategic approach to achieving this goal includes adopting a “good science/common sense” philosophy that addresses the end-to-end process of natural gas exploration, production, processing, transportation and ultimately end-use. Development of this “wellhead-to-burner tip” industry resource will provide a common platform of technical understanding that can be used in the decision-making process in support of balanced policy decisions that impact both the environment, the industry and ultimately the consumer.

APGA members can register for all upcoming webinars at www.apga,.org/webinars.  Register for the March 29 GTI Energy Update here on the APGA website (APGA member login required) or here on the RF website (RF member login required).

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