APGA Voices Support for Save Our Gas Stoves Act

By Joshua St.Pierre posted 05-18-2023 01:32 PM


This week, APGA sent a letter to leaders in the House Subcommittee on Energy, Climate, and Grid Security in support of Representative Debbie Lesko’s Save Our Gas Stoves Act (H.R. 1640). This bill was introduced in response to the Department of Energy's proposed rulemaking, “Energy Conservation Program: Energy Conservation Standards for Consumer Conventional Cooking Products,” which would eliminate or restrict cooking features that people enjoy such as shorter cook times, simmering burners, and continuous grates. H.R. 1640 would prohibit such elimination and ensure that consumers, who are served by APGA's public gas utility members, are free to choose what cooking product they prefer in their own homes.

APGA is happy to report that the bill has been forwarded to the full House Energy and Commerce Committee after a vote of 20 yeas to 10 nays. To see the letter that APGA sent to the committee, click here.  

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