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Job Open: Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Metropolitan Utilities District, Omaha, NE

By General Inquiries posted 10-20-2022 02:05 PM

Position Summary: The Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is accountable for planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financial affairs of the District, providing for the required financial resources, ensuring the financial soundness of the organization, and overseeing the financial staff functions of, Accounting (which encompasses General Accounting/Financial Reporting, Payroll, Disbursements/Cash Management and Financial Planning & Analysis), Rates/Regulatory Affairs, and Internal Audit.

In the course of directing the financial affairs of the District, the CFO will interact with key stakeholders such as the Board of Directors, Senior Management, customers, District employees, credit rating agencies, banking officers, external auditors, financial advisors, and other external professional providers as required. As a member of the Senior Management team the CFO contributes to the definition and attainment of District objectives.

Minimum Requirements:
1. Bachelor’s degree with emphasis in accounting, business, economics, or finance. Advanced degree is preferred.
2. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Management Accountant (CMA) preferred.
3. Minimum ten (10) years of accounting experience and ten (10) years of management experience to include, but not limited to, financial reporting, budgeting/planning, financial analysis, public finance disclosures, actuarial valuations, human capital, technical accounting theory, asset, and cash management.
4. Strong working knowledge of Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) and other relevant accounting standards and regulations.
5. Previous experience with the preparation and presentation of financial reports and statements which provide a clear and concise overview of financial position.
6. Proven, professionally articulate individual who can relate to people at all levels within the organization including Board members, outside auditors and the public at large.
7. Comprehensive knowledge of employee benefit plan administration and funding to include, but not limited to, vendor selection, investment vehicles, plan distributions, fiduciary compliance, and consistent policy application.
8. Strong analytical skills to anticipate capital needs and plan for both short-term and long-range projects/activities and competing projects across organizational lines.
9. Demonstrated ability to manage revenue by developing rate structures, which effectively supply operating revenue while maintaining a financially sound organization.
10. Previous experience building professional relationships with banks, credit rating agencies and investment advisory firms to secure financing, via bond issuances or bank lending, at the most favorable terms possible.
11. Extensive experience working with internal and external independent auditors; recommending and implementing process/policy change to positively impact organizational integrity.
12. Proficiency with personal computers, tablets and/or other electronic devices including, but not limited to, enterprise-wide software (i.e., SAP) and Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word).
13. Ability to learn new or upgraded computer software as required.
14. Highly developed written and oral communication skills to author and or contribute to various communications pertinent to the District addressing both financial and broader business and customer-related topics, regardless of provocation.
15. Demonstrated business experience and expertise to allow for partnering with colleagues to ensure that decisions are made that are consistent with the financial needs/goals of the District.
16. Demonstrated ability to present and educate on financial related matters to ensure that all relevant concepts are understood to allow for effective decision making.
17. Demonstrated business judgment and problem-solving skills to address/resolve complex business decisions. 
18. Work is primarily performed in an office setting amid normal conditions of dust, odors, fumes, office lighting and noises; travel is occasionally required.
19. This job is eligible for a hybrid in office and work from home flexible work arrangement.

Specific Responsibilities: In order to effectively contribute to the objectives of the District, the Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer is accountable and responsible to:
1. Contribute to the District’s planning, setting of corporate policy, and the development of strategy to attain  established objectives. Responsible for the business strategy development function.
2. Direct the development and maintenance of reliable financial records, reports, and statements to inform the Board of Directors and Management of the District’s financial condition, and to comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines and other legal requirements.
3. Provide financial statements in compliance with standards and regulatory literature, comparison to both budget and prior year, cash flow analysis and explanations so users can clearly understand the results.
4. Ensure the District’s capital needs are appropriately anticipated and defined to allow for long-term and shortterm inancial planning.
5. Analyze and develop rate schedules which are fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory, which provide the operating revenue to maintain a financially sound operation.
6. Develop and maintain effective relationships with the credit rating agencies and the investment advisory community to ensure that financing needs are met at the most favorable rate and/or terms possible.
7. Provide for effective administration of daily cash flow, including receipts, disbursements, debt service administration, and investment of available funds. Ensure vendors and contractors are compensated based on established terms and agreements.
8. Ensure an appropriate balance of risk and return on investment is maintained for employee benefits related trust funds in accordance with the approved Investment Policy Statements (IPS).
9. Safeguard corporate assets through adherence to established internal controls, ensure the accurate reporting of assets, identify, and investigate non-conformances as they arise and take appropriate corrective action as required.
10. Ensure the District’s financial integrity is maintained through comprehensive internal and external audit programs; coordinate with independent auditors to perform an annual audit of the financial statements and other
associated audits as required.
11. Serve as a member of both internal and external committees to ensure an open exchange of information, recommend proactive initiatives, and implement process/procedural changes to ensure optimal operational effectiveness.
12. Inform the President and Board of Directors of significant progress, unusual events or challenges experienced by the District. Provide assistance to the President with relevant information, statistical trends, ecommendations and remedial actions to the Board of Directors within area of responsibility.
13. Develop talent: coach and mentor employees; support growth and development through leadership opportunities and professional development.
14. Understand and comply with all pertinent District policies and procedures.
15. Handle stresses related to effectively completing the above referenced requirements.
16. Fulfill responsibilities common to all Supervisory, Professional and Administrative positions as stated.
17. Perform a variety of other duties as assigned.

Relationships: In contributing to the objectives of the District, the Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer is responsible for building constructive relationships of a business and professional nature with the following:
1. Board of Directors, which includes educating on pertinent financial and rate making concepts, responding to questions, meetings, customer concerns and any other business matters as they arise.
2. Senior Management and all levels of personnel at the District, which includes day to day developments, interactions and daily support as needed.
3. Customers, which includes receiving and responding to complaints, concerns, billing disputes and any other
concern presented.
4. Banking relationships for day to day management and strategy/product opportunity and discussion.
5. External auditors for management of the annual audit and other services as may be deemed necessary.
6. Pension and Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) Fund investment advisor and custodian, related to the
management of Pension Fund assets, reporting and other functions as necessary to effectively manage the
Pension Fund.
7. Pension and OPEB Fund and benefit consultants to provide guidance for the management of the District’s
pension and OPEB assets held in trust and other benefit offerings.
8. Actuarial firm for questions, strategy and annual reporting requirements.
9. Bond counsel as necessary for bond issuances, annual reporting and compliance.
10. Bond financial advisor as necessary for bond issuances and strategic guidance.
11. Various outside organizations including area/regional utilities, chambers and economic development committees for relationship building and support.
12. Nebraska Department of Revenue, Internal Revenue Service and other regulatory agencies for required tax compliance.
13. City of Omaha and other area municipalities for various processes, including acting as their billing agent for sewer and trash services, where applicable.

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