APGA Holds Spring Meetings and Conferences

By Audrey Casey posted 05-12-2022 10:31 AM

Over the past week, APGA held its Spring Board and Committee meetings as well as its Gas Supply Conference and Marketing & Policy Conference in New Orleans. The event kicked off with a reception on Sunday evening. Meetings began Monday morning with APGA’s committees followed by the APGA Board of Directors meeting. The day ended with a reception for members. Committee meetings continued the following day ending at noon.

Both the Gas Supply Conference and Marketing & Policy Conference began Tuesday afternoon and went until Wednesday afternoon. Some highlights from the Marketing & Policy Conference include an update from Reservoir Communications on the natural Gas Genius campaign, an overview of natural gas surveys from ESource, a presentation from Ingevity on RNG, panel discussions on working with similar stakeholders, winners of the 2021 Marketing & Sales Award and several speakers on advocacy at the state and local level.

Highlights from the Gas Supply Conference include a gas supply overview, the current state of prepays, natural gas purchase planning, risk mitigation plans, a markets update, a presentation on low methane emissions certificate markets as well as one on responsibly sourced natural gas, and a discussion on looking to the future.

Presentations from the conferences will be made available to attendees on the APGA Community.