APGA Presents to State Pipeline Safety Regulators

By Erin Kurilla posted 5 days ago

On September 21, Erin Kurilla, APGA’s Vice President of Operations & Safety, presented at the National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives (NAPSR) National Meeting in Charleston, W.V. Attendees of this meeting include the state pipeline safety representative in each of the 48 states that carry out pipeline safety regulatory oversight for gas distribution operators. Her presentation focused on the pipeline safety items that APGA members are focusing on or most challenged by, including Section 114 reviews, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) Safety & Modernization Grant Program, the definitions of Transmission line and Distribution center, and the SIF’s SHRIMP tool for Distribution Integrity Management.

This event provides an opportunity for APGA to engage on an individual level with many of your state regulators. The atmosphere was collaborative with a deep appreciation for the mutual goal: pipeline safety. The APGA Operations & Safety Committee has been briefed on the details of Erin’s conversations during their September O&S Committee Call.

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