Exhibitor Opportunities

Exhibitor Hall Sold Out

Booth space is now sold out! However, registered 2023 APGA Operations Conference exhibitors can still add additional attendees at $625 per person for APGA members. Please save the date of October 20-23 for the 2024 Operations Conference in Knoxville, TN, and contact Sheila Deringis at sderingis@apga.org for any additional questions.

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2023 Operations Conference Exhibit Schedule

Set Up: Begins 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 24
Tear Down: After the morning break on Thursday, October 26

2023 Operations Conference Shipping Information for Hyatt Regency Louisville

Please download the shipping instructions here which also include information about handling & pallet fees.

Special arrangements should be made with the Event Planning Manager for receiving any equipment, goods, display or other materials that will be sent, delivered or brought into the Hotel. (This excludes delivery of any food or beverage items that are also sold or furnished by the Hotel. The Hotel will not accept delivery of such items.) Failure to do this may result in deliveries being refused or materials being unavailable when required. The Hotel’s receiving entrance is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Any materials being sent to the Hotel must be marked as follows: To ensure prompt delivery, all materials should be addressed as follows:

Hyatt Regency Louisville

320 West Jefferson Street

Louisville, KY 40202 

Attn: (Guest’s Name)

(Guest’s Arrival Date)

(APGA Operations Conference)

(Christine Scheffler - Event Manager)

(Number of Boxes – Example: Box 1 of 2 and Box 2 of 2) 

Deliveries should arrive at the Hotel no more than (3) days prior to Group’s arrival. Handling charges may apply. The Hotel does not accept any liability for equipment, goods, displays or other materials that arrive unmarked or fail to arrive at the Hotel. The group or individual is responsible for insuring its property for loss or damage. The hotel will assess a handling fee per package for incoming and outgoing parcels. The fee scale is based on the weight and size of the package:

Box less than 50 lbs - $5.00 each Pallet / Skid - $75.00 each

Box between 50 – 75 lbs - $8.00 each Small Display - $25.00 each

Box between 75 and 150 lbs - $10.00 each Large Display - $50.00 each


UPS will not pick up any packages unless the shipper schedules a pickup at the hotel. The hotel cannot call nor will UPS schedule the pickup. UPS will charge their own package pickup for which the guest is responsible.


FEDEX no longer has automatic pick up. Anyone wanting to ship Fedex will have to call to schedule a pick up, Including Hotel clients, the # is 1-800-GO FED EX. ( 1-800-463-3339.)


If you have any questions on exhibiting at this event, please contact us!

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