APGA Board of Directors

  • Jim Hodges, Chairman of the APGA Board of Directors

    From July 2011 to present, Mr. Hodges has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Middle Tennessee Natural Gas Utility District.

  • Greg Henderson, 1st Vice Chair of the APGA Board of Directors

    Mr. Henderson was appointed the President and Chief Executive Officer of Southeast Gas as of July 17, 2006.

  • Owen Reeves, 2nd Vice Chair of the APGA Board of Directors

    Mr. Reeves is the Gas System Director for Henderson, Ky.

  • Jim Heckle

    Jim Heckle, Treasurer of the APGA Board of Directors

    In November of 2009, Jim Heckle assumed his current responsibilities as President and Chief Executive Officer of York County Natural Gas Authority, S.C.

  • John Gregg, General Counsel to APGA Board of Directors

    John Gregg is a partner at McCarter & English, LLP and began serving as APGA General Counsel in 2017.

  • Bert Kalisch, Secretary of the APGA Board of Directors

    Since Bert became President of APGA in 2004, APGA resources are focused on its advocacy efforts in Congress and at the federal regulatory agencies, growing membership, and enhancing communications.

  • Richard Worsinger, Past Chairman of the APGA Board of Directors

    Richard (Rich) Worsinger is the Energy Resources Director for the City of Rocky Mount, North Carolina where he is responsible for the City’s municipally-owned electric and natural gas utilities.  

  • Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson, City Administrator, Central City Gas Department, Nebr. (First Term - Term Ends 2017)

  • Ben Andrews

    Ben Andrews, Oak Ridge Utility District, Oak Ridge, TN (Second Term - Term Ends 2019)

  • Matt Ballard

    Matt Ballard, Sevier County Utility District, Sevierville, TN (First Term - Term Ends 2019)

  • Al Bean, Clarke-Mobile Counties Gas District, Jackson, AL (First Term - Term Ends 2019)

  • Mark Bussman

    Mark Bussman, Cullman-Jefferson Counties Gas District, Cullman, AL (First Term - Term Ends 2017)

  • Larry Carroll, Jo-Carroll Energy, Elizabeth, IL (Second Term - Term Ends 2019)

  • Arthur Corbin

    Arthur Corbin, Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia, Kennesaw, GA (Second Term - Term Ends 2018)

  • Fred Crabtree, Southern Cathodic Protection Co., Winter Garden, FL (Second Term - Term Ends 2019)

  • photo-crowley.jpg

    Jim Crowley, Easton Utilities, Easton MD (First Term - Term Ends 2020)

  • Sam Davis Jr.

    Sam Davis, Lake Apopka Natural Gas District, FL (First Term - Term Ends 2018)

  • Larry Dunbar

    Larry Dunbar, City of Ellensburg, Ellensburg, WA (First Term - Term Ends 2017)

  • Lincoln Duncan

    Lincoln Duncan, BHMG Engineers, Arnold, MO (First Term - Term Ends 2017)

  • Gary Gibson

    Gary Gibson, City Utilities of Springfield, Springfield, MO (First Term - Term Ends 2017)

  • Mike Gundersen, Elk River Public Utility District, Tullahoma, TN (Second Term - Term Ends 2019)

  • Todd Jorgenson

    Todd Jorgenson, Gas/Water/Engineering Operations Director, Austin Utilities (Second Term - Term Ends 2017)

  • David Kearney

    David Kearney. City of Richmond, VA (Second Term - Term Ends 2018)

  • Jim Knight, Metropolitan Utility District, Omaha, NE (Second Term - Term Ends 2019)

  • Chris Latch

    Chris Latch, Corinth Gas & Water, Corinth, MS (First Term - Term Ends 2019)

  • John Leary

    John Leary, Chambersburg, Pa. (First Term - Term Ends 2018)

  • Zac Littrell

    Zac Littrell, Atmos Energy (First Term - Term Ends 2018)

  • David Love

    David Love, Magnolia River, Hartselle, AL (First Term - Term Ends 2019)

  • Frank McRae

    Frank McRea, City of Mesa Utilities, Mesa, Ariz. (First Term - Term Ends 2017)

  • Stephan Mayfield

    Stephen Mayfield , Tallahassee Gas Utility, Tallahassee, FL (First Term - Term Ends 2019)

  • Doug Moser

    Doug Moser, Philadelphia Gas Works, Philadelphia, PA (First Term - Term Ends 2019)

  • Doc Mueller

    Doc Mueller, Illinois Public Energy Agency, Springfield, IL (Second Term - Term Ends 2018)

  • Eduardo Noriega

    Eduardo Noriega, Director of Gas Operations, Greenwood Commission of Public Works, Greenwood, SC (First Term - Term Ends 2020)

  • John Olshefski

    John Olshefski, Huntsville Utilities, AL (First Term - Term Ends 2018)

  • Jason Padgett, General Manager/CEO, North Baldwin Utilities, AL (Second Term - Term Ends 2017)

  • Pat Riley

    Pat Riley, Gibson County, Tenn. (First Term - Term Ends 2018)

  • Don Stanton

    Don Stanton, Senior Director of Gas Delivery, CPS Energy, Texas (First Term - Term Ends 2017)

  • Rod Walker, Black & Veatch Corporation, Atlanta, GA (Second Term - Term Ends 2019)

  • Chuck Warrington, Clearwater Gas System, Clearwater, FL (Second Term - Term Ends 2019)

  • Alonzo Weaver, Memphis Light, Gas & Water, Tenn. (First Term - Term Ends 2017)

  • Braxton Williams

    Braxton Williams, Vice President of Gas Supply, Tennergy (First Term - Term Ends 2017)

  • Ed Young, Ed Young Sales Company, Charlotte, NC (First Term - Term Ends 2017)



2017 Board of Directors Application

If you are interested in becoming a member of the APGA Board of Directors, please fill out this online form or, if you prefer, download this document, email it to info@apga.org or fax it to 202.464.0246.