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Measurement Controls, Inc.

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Measurement Controls, Inc.


Paresh Patel is president of Measurement Controls, Inc., Charlotte, NC. He is a 1981 graduate of M. S. University of Baroda, India with MS in Accounting. He has held various positions from sales manager to vice president in the manufacturing for the last thirty years. Fields of experience include textiles, pharmacy, electronics, and energy.

Measurement Controls, Inc. (MCI) provides re-manufacturing and calibration services for gas meters for last fifteen years. During this time, he has developed several customized programs for diaphragm, turbine, rotary, and ultrasonic meters up to 35000 cfh flow capacity. He has managed several projects involving re-engineering and manufacturing meter parts and connections conforming to national and international standards. He has a patent pending idea to read meters indexes.

MCI works at a national level with companies ranging from small to Fortune 500 listed gas utility, pipeline operators, gas producers, industrial, and commercial customers. He has developed Laboratory Quality Management Systems and led TeamMCi to a successful registration under ISO-9001 in 2011 and getting accredited calibration laboratory status under ISO-17025 in 2014.

He is involved in exporting new gas meters, regulators, leak detection instruments as well as re-manufactured gas meters and calibration services to various countries.

At present, he is working on the idea of reducing Green House Gases and can help in determining Green House Gas benefits associated with purchasing re-manufactured gas meters and meet GHG emission disclosure requirements.

He is also involved with local charity and religious organization.