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Job Open: Energy Resources Compliance Specialist - City of Mesa, AZ

By General Inquiries posted 12-27-2022 03:46 PM


City of Mesa - Energy Resources

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Classification Responsibilities: An Energy Resources Compliance Specialist is an entry-level
classification that learns to plan, develop, and train the Energy Resources Department employees
regarding Operator Qualification (gas and electric), Electrical Apprenticeship Program, and all
regulatory requirements. This classification works closely with the Energy Resources Compliance
Coordinator in developing, coordinating, and participating in specialized, technical, and general utilities
(gas and electric) training and development. Duties include learning to: conduct needs-analyses;
develop training programs and modules; create hands-on simulations; create training presentations;
revise and update training modules as changes are made to the Code of Federal Regulations Part 192,
Operations and Maintenance Manual, Emergency Plan Review, or other changes to policies and
procedures; and facilitate individual and group training. The incumbent develops, coordinates,
evaluates, and delivers training to Utilities employees, Customer Service employees, and contractors
performing covered tasks (example: operator qualification, fusion and welding certification,
professional development hours, etc.). Additional duties include learning to: perform on-site
inspections related to Abnormal Operating Conditions and taking necessary steps with the homeowner,
business, or City staff to resolve the outstanding issues; facilitate meetings; act as an advisor and review
or consult on training; review new tools, programs, equipment, and safety gear, etc.; and participate in
special events, public presentations, and other educational events. This class performs related duties as

Distinguishing Features: This classification differs from the Energy Resources Compliance
Coordinator with the latter being the subject matter expert in the Energy Resources department
operational and performance criteria. As training progresses and skills and experience increase, the
incumbent is expected to demonstrate the ability to work independently and exercise good judgment and
initiative in combining a broad scope of professional utilities, business and technical knowledge, and
sophisticated, analytical decisions to develop education and training programs that are content accurate
and understandable by those receiving instruction. Incumbents, at first, work closely with the Energy
Resources Compliance Coordinator. As time progresses they must carry out assignments without
detailed instruction or guidance and provide assistance to the Arizona Corporation Commission during
the annual audit for the Gas Department. This class is supervised by the Energy Resources Compliance
Coordinator who reviews work through conferences, observations, customer feedback, reports, and
overall results achieved. This class is FLSA exempt-administrative.

Employee Values: All employees of the City of Mesa are expected to uphold and exhibit the City’s
shared employee values of Knowledge, Respect, and Integrity.

Minimum Qualifications Required. Any combination of training, education, and experience
equivalent to graduation from an accredited college or university with an Associate’s Degree in
Engineering, Business Administration, Business Management, Organizational Management, or related
field. Any combination of training, education, and experience equivalent to a minimum of five years of
full-time work experience in the construction, maintenance and/or repair of underground gas utility lines
or transmission and distribution electrical utilities. At least one year of personal computer (PC)
experience (example: word processing, spreadsheets, databases, etcetera).

Special Requirements. Must possess a valid Class D Arizona Driver's License by hire date.

Substance Abuse Testing. This class is subject to Department of Transportation (DOT) Pipeline and
Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA) drug and alcohol testing as outlined in 49 Code of
Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 199.

Preferred/Desirable Qualifications. Knowledge of natural gas, electric, water, and wastewater utilities
is highly desirable. Knowledge or experience developing, coordinating, delivering and evaluating
training programs.

Communication: Communicates orally and in writing with Energy Resources Department employees,
other City employees, vendors, contractors, and others in order to create awareness of services offered by
the Gas Department and to provide training and education. Learns to conduct effective oral
presentations and instruct employees in various gas industry-related topics. Trains Energy Resources
Department and Customer Service Department staff on providing effective training. Prepares and
develops written documents including manuals, reports, forms, and PowerPoint presentations using
proper sentence structure and clearly organized thoughts. Conducts and facilitates meetings regarding
training for Energy Resources Department and Customer Service employees. Teaches workshops and
classes on a variety of natural gas-related topics. Continuously communicates upcoming employee
training classes, seminars, and training opportunities to Energy Resources employees and assists them in
selection of classes and completion of Training Registration Form. Responds to technical
questions/concerns from the Marketing/Communications Specialist I, citizens, or other interested parties.

Manual/Physical: Learns to: coordinate a variety of activities in support of training and education
programs; develop training materials for students and teachers and schedules natural gas education
presentations at schools, neighborhood meetings, community events, and civic group meetings; operate a
variety of standard office equipment including: a personal computer (PC), calculator, facsimile machine,
copier, and voice mail; operates various audio-visual (AV) equipment such as: digital video disc (DVD)
player, videocassette recorder (VCR), film projector, tape recorder, slide projector, and screens for
presentations; enter data or information into a PC; prepare and update schedules, graphs, charts, or props
for displays and presentations; and prepare boxes/bundles of forms, mail, pamphlets, and newsletters for
distribution and mailing. Meets scheduling and attendance requirements. Operates a motor vehicle
requiring a standard Class D Arizona Driver’s License to travel to various locations to give presentations
and attend meetings. Moves equipment and materials using a hand cart/dolly. Moves light office
equipment. Sets up and/or removes folding tables and chairs for classroom settings and various events.
Stands for extended periods of time to make presentations. Monitors inventory and orders or purchases
supplies as needed.

Mental: Plans, organizes, initiates, recommends, and facilitates technical training programs. Assists in
conducting research and analyzes data to make recommendations regarding special projects. Conducts
internet research and analyzes data to make recommendations regarding seminars or workshops with
pertinent information to Operator Qualification or gas industry changes. Understands technical training
specifications and visual aids for technical training needs in both gas and electric utilities. Monitors and
evaluates training programs to determine effectiveness and additional needs. Develops training and
education objectives for the Energy Resources Department. Assists in budget preparation by estimating
training and education costs. Assists Marketing/Communications Specialist I in developing training
materials for Mesa Public Schools teachers and students and in scheduling field trips and displays.
Develops and produces publications for contractor services installing gas service lines for City of Mesa
customers. Develops AV materials including computer-aided presentations, interactive designs, video
recorded programs, and digital displays. Helps to organize community outreach services projects.
Coordinates work activities, program functions, and special events with other City departments,
businesses, and agencies. Comprehends and makes inferences from new and current rules, regulations,
and written materials. Learns job-related material regarding computer applicants and industry updates
related to areas of responsibility. Prioritizes multiple projects and meets required deadlines.

Knowledge and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

technical information found in the Operation and Maintenance Manual;
federal, state, and municipal regulations regarding natural gas pipelines;
training and educational program design;
the principles, training methods, and techniques used in technical training;
computer programs used to create presentations, written documents, and database recordkeeping;
computer programs used to create and maintain a computer website;
natural gas, water, wastewater, and electric utilities industries;
the methods and techniques used to educate and train adults;
the principles and techniques for effective written and audio-visual presentations;
code compliance requirements for federal DOT Controlled Substance and Alcohol Use and Testing,
Title 49; DOT, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Arizona Department of
Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH), and related safety standards;
project management and research methods and techniques; and
principles and practices of composing and editing informational and educational materials.

Ability to:
develop and prepare in-house technical training programs;
explain technical information using non-technical language;
coordinate internal classroom training, including the use of outside speakers and audio-visual
instruct others in a classroom setting;
remain in a standing position for long periods of time when instructing classes;
prepare clear and accurate written documents;
prepare and present clear and accurate presentations to diverse audiences;
administer DOT, OSHA, ADOSH, and related safety standards;
conduct safety inspections, investigate accidents, and write reports on findings;
establish and maintain effective working relationships with City of Mesa employees and others;
remain aware of changes in the gas industry, its effect on City of Mesa operations, and ability to react
accordingly to maintain regulatory compliance;
meet multiple project deadlines;
coordinate graphic design, printing, and audio-visual projects;
operate desktop publishing software, including layout and illustration;
prepare a variety of documents using Microsoft Office software;
implement a variety of advertising/communications projects and activities;
read and interpret gas system design plans, specifications, blueprints, and quarter section maps;
research and edit news releases, brochures, fact sheets, journal articles, reports, presentations, website
content, and other business communications;
develop partnerships and build consensus;
promote employee participation and training; and
work independently in completing all assignments.

The duties listed above are intended only as general illustrations of the various types of work that may be
performed. Specific statements of duties not included does not exclude them from the position if the
work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position. Job descriptions are subject to change by
the City as the needs of the City and requirements of the job change.

Revised 6/21
EEO-Prof IND-7502