APGA Sends Letter to EPA in Support of Three Nominees to the EPA Science Advisory Board

09-28-2017 09:53

Today, APGA sent a letter (attached) to Administrator Pruitt of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in support of the nominations of three individuals to the EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB). Specifically, APGA urged the appointment of Laura Mooney, Regulatory Compliance Manager, Natural Gas for the City of Tallahassee, Todd Brewer, Manager – Water Quality & Optimization for City Utilities of Springfield, MO, and Jim Moore, Utility Market Analyst, for Spire Inc. APGA has previously submitted to EPA Laura Mooney’s and Todd Brewer’s nomination forms for consideration.

The EPA Science Advisory Board serves as the agency’s chief review office. Broadly, the SAB provides scientific advice to the Administrator. It is tasked with oversight and audit of EPA’s scientific information in its regulatory and rulemaking activities. The SAB was formed in 1978 as part of the Environmental Research, Development, and Demonstration Authorization Act. The Act directed Congress to form the SAB. The SAB is comprised of (at least) nine members, one serving as the Chair. Most recently, the board had 47 members, yet several were let go as part of the EPA’s reorganization efforts under Administrator Pruitt.

The SAB essentially serves at the will of the Administrator providing advice and review of the science used as requested. Specifically, the SAB is authorized to: review the quality and relevance of the scientific and technical information being used by the EPA or proposed as the basis for Agency regulations; review EPA research programs and plans; provide science advice as requested by the EPA Administrator, and advise the agency on broad scientific matters. We will keep you informed as the EPA considers these nominees.

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