APGA Opposition to Beyer Amendment Section 4115 of H.R. 8

12-02-2015 15:05

December 2, 2015 Dear Representative, We write to urge you to oppose the Beyer amendment that would strike part of section 4116 of H.R. 8. The provisions in Secs. 4115 and 4116 of H.R. 8 would repeal a part of Section 433 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 that requires the elimination of fossil fuel-generated energy use in new and renovated federal buildings and replace it with strengthened and attainable energy efficiency provisions. Section 433 requires a 100 percent elimination of fossil fuel-generated energy and direct use consumption in new and renovated federal buildings by 2030. There are a number of concerns surrounding the existing mandate that could discourage comprehensive energy efficiency renovations, stifle innovation and result in increased energy costs for the federal government. Replacing the fossil fuel ban in Section 433 will allow the federal government to continue to make meaningful progress to use cost-effective solutions to improve energy efficiency. In its estimate for H.R. 8, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found that agencies would not necessarily reduce fossil fuel generated energy, but would spend taxpayer money on purchasing renewable energy certificates to achieve compliance. CBO noted that “spending attributable to federal agencies’ efforts to comply with the [Section 433] standard would increase as it becomes more stringent,” specifically estimating that the underlying provision that the Beyer Amendment would strike would save the federal government $52 million between 2016 and 2025. We urge you to preserve the compromise language contained in the underlying bill and oppose the Beyer Amendment. Sincerely, American Gas Association American Public Gas Association American Public Power Association Edison Electric Institute

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