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The Public Gas Policy Council (PGPC) is an advocacy group made up of elected and appointed officials from public gas communities, and having a core group of elected officials carry the public gas message to Congress has significantly strengthened APGA’s advocacy efforts. The primary purpose of the PGPC is:

  1. to assist APGA in moving legislation forward that is important to its members,
  2. to oppose harmful legislation, and 
  3. to provide advice on other legislative related issues of importance to APGA.  The group also serves as a forum for elected officials to discuss public gas issues. 

To be eligible for appointment to the group, an individual should be a member of a governing board of a utility that is a member of APGA or an elected official (i.e., mayor or member of city council) from the utility’s service territory. If you have an elected or appointed official from your region that would be a good advocate for public gas, APGA strongly encourages you to submit a nomination. Please note that if you already have an official serving on the PGPC, there is no need to re-nominate that individual.  See a list of current PGPC members (APGA member login required).

The PGPC meets annually in Washington D.C. in the spring and the 2015 meeting is scheduled for April 26-29.  During this time, the PGPC will meet with key members of Congress and the executive branch.  The 2013 meeting included a reception in the Capitol Hill, briefings by key congressional staff, and over 50 meetings between PGPC members and congressional offices.

The deadline for submitting nominations is December 31, 2014.  Once nominations are received, appointments to the PGPC will be made by the Chair of the APGA Board of Directors. You can also fill out this Word Doc application and send to Scott Morrison at APGA by fax at 202-464-0246 or by e-mail at smorrison@apga.org.  

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