www.apga.org APGA Newshttp://www.apga.orgen-usCopyright 2014 www.apga.orgSat, 26 Jul 2014 8:10:08 AM CDT<![CDATA[APGA Speaks at Five-State Pipeline Safety Seminar]]>http://www.apga.org/i4a/pages/headlinedetails.cfm?id=2119 On July 24, APGA Vice President, Operations John Erickson provided an update on programs of the APGA Security and Integrity Foundation (SIF) at the Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas Pipeline Safety Seminar in New Orleans, La. The seminar was sponsored by the Louisiana Gas ]]>24-Jul-14<![CDATA[Distribution Integrity Management Programs Webinar Scheduled for September 4]]>http://www.apga.org/i4a/pages/headlinedetails.cfm?id=2120 On July 17, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) sent to the Federal Register for publication a notice announcing a webinar to give federal and state regulators an opportunity to share their experience with implementation topics with the public and the regulated c]]>24-Jul-14<![CDATA[EIA Reports Storage Increase of 90 Bcf to Put Working Gas Storage at 2,219 Bcf ]]>http://www.apga.org/i4a/pages/headlinedetails.cfm?id=2121 Here is the weekly EIA Summary Report issued on Thursday, July 24, 2014, which reports the week’s storage report highlights for Friday, July 18, 2014. A 90 Bcf increase has been reported.


Working gas in storage was 2,219 Bcf as of Friday, July 18, 2014, acco]]>24-Jul-14<![CDATA[ Instructions on how to file comments on RP1173 Pipeline Safety Management Systems here (.docx)]]>http://www.apga.org/files/APGA%20instructions%20for%20commenting%20on%20the%20draft%20PSMS.docx24-Jul-14