www.apga.org APGA Newshttp://www.apga.orgen-usCopyright 2015 www.apga.orgThu, 26 Mar 2015 6:40:57 PM CDT<![CDATA[Obama Announces Executive Order to Reduce GHGs and Promote EVs and Renewable Energy]]>http://www.apga.org/i4a/pages/headlinedetails.cfm?id=2321On March 19, President Obama signed an executive order that requires federal agencies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by an average of 40 percent over t]]>26-Mar-15<![CDATA[Obama Administration Releases Rules for Hydraulic Fracturing on Public Lands]]>http://www.apga.org/i4a/pages/headlinedetails.cfm?id=2323On March 20, the Obama Administration announced new, stronger rules governing production of natural gas via hydraulic fracturing on public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The rules will go into effect within 90 days, and the central provisions—according ]]>26-Mar-15<![CDATA[APGA Joins Comment Letter Opposing CEQ Guidance Addressing Greenhouse Gas Emissions]]>http://www.apga.org/i4a/pages/headlinedetails.cfm?id=2324On March 25, APGA joined a Natural Gas Council comment letter to the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) in response to a CEQ revised draft guidance regarding the consideration of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the effects of climate change in federal departmental and agency reviews under ]]>26-Mar-15<![CDATA[Apply Now for the 2015 APGA Safety Management Excellence Award ]]>http://www.apga.org/i4a/pages/headlinedetails.cfm?id=2313In 2014, the APGA Operations and Safety Committee selected Henderson Municipal Gas of Henderson, Ky., as the winner of the prestigious APGA Safety Management Excellence Award. This award is presented to one system each year whose safety programs and safety record demonstrate effectiveness and inn]]>19-Mar-15<![CDATA[Apply Now for the 2015 APGA Safety Contest]]>http://www.apga.org/i4a/pages/headlinedetails.cfm?id=2314Your gas system is invited to partici­pate in the Annual APGA Safety Con­test. All APGA members are eligible to enter this contest, and contestants will be divided into groups determined by the annual number of man-hours worked. This contest is based on the number of employee hours worked]]>19-Mar-15<![CDATA[APGA Joins Natural Gas Council Letter on Fuel Assurance]]>http://www.apga.org/i4a/pages/headlinedetails.cfm?id=2322On March 20, the Natural Gas Council, along with APGA, sent a letter to Chairman LaFleur and the other commissioners at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in response to the fuel assurance reports for  Independent System Operators and Regional Transmission Organizations (ISO/RTO]]>26-Mar-15<![CDATA[ EIA Reports Storage Increase of 12 Bcf to Put Working Gas Storage at 1,479 Bcf]]>http://www.apga.org/i4a/pages/headlinedetails.cfm?id=2325Here is the weekly EIA Summary Report issued on Thursday, March 26, 2015, which reports the week’s storage report highlights for Friday, March 20, 2015. A 12 Bcf increase has been reported.


Working gas in storage was 1,479 Bcf as of Friday, March 20, 2015, accord]]>26-Mar-15<![CDATA[Lake Apopka Releases App]]>http://www.apga.org/i4a/pages/headlinedetails.cfm?id=2326Lake Apopka Natural Gas District is very proud to have recently released their mobile App for both Apple and Android devices as part of the District’s ongoing effort to provide customers with the best, most modern means to access their gas account information.  Existing customers may r]]>26-Mar-15<![CDATA[APGA Discusses Integrity Management at SGA Spring Conference and Expo ]]>http://www.apga.org/i4a/pages/headlinedetails.cfm?id=2327On March 23, APGA’s John Erickson spoke at the Spring Conference and Expo in Charlotte, N.C., sponsored by the Southern Gas Association, the Carolina Public Gas Association (CPGA) and APGA. The conference featured operations focused workshops aimed at all levels of field and supervisory ope]]>26-Mar-15